Deppot Building Materials LTD. has been established in 2007 in order to provide products as an importer. Although there had been no major activity of the company until 2013, we have started to regenerate ourselfs and along with our import activities, we have started to open franchises all across Turkey as a manufacturer of bathroom appliances. In the 2-year period Deppot Building Materials LTD has reached to a certain scale , that we can now reach out to more than 500 point of sales all across Turkey and export to 15 countries. Day by day our product catalogue is blooming with new additional brass, stainless steel and zinc appliances. . More than 300 products can be manufactured in our facilities. The shower appliances , which are constituting 55% of the turnover, is available for sale with 37 main types and colors. Assembling and packing of imported products, which are manufactured by our Chinese partner is done within our facilities. According to our production plan certain pieces of shower kits will be produced in our facilities accompanied with our Chinese partner in 2016. Deppot Building Materials is fastest growing company in it’s sector with 51 employees and in an area of 6 thousand square meters. We enhance our national and international recognition by participating fairs like; UNICERA, ISH Frankfurt, Dubai Big 5, Moscow Mosbuild. Our goal of absolute satisfaction of our customers will be achieved by high quality and diversity of our products under the leadership of our experienced and vision holder directors.

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